Welcome to the site! I created it to address the need of keeping track of the enormous inflow of research papers in the field of deep neural network learning.

I will be reviewing some of the more interesting papers in a way that would allow the reader (including myself some time later!) to quickly grasp the main ideas and contributions of each paper without going into too much detail or requiring previous knowledge of the topic. For readers actually interested in the details, links will be provided in each review both to the original paper and sometimes to other related sources.

None of the content on this site is created by copying information from elsewhere (although, obviously, there is overlap with the papers being reviewed). I personally read each paper and summarize my findings. I may read articles of others, if available, to better understand the ideas. Whenever I find these articles helpful and well-written, I will add a link to them in the review.

If anyone believes that a certain review is inaccurate, please contact me with details. Some of the entries may be edited after the publication date if errors are found, in which case a note of a later edit will be added.